When Two Hearts Beat as One 

“So then, they are no longer two but one flesh.” 

Matthew 19:6a, NKJV 

James and Deborah Coleman were married February 14, 1981. They are not shy when sharing how they have, and continue to overcome some of the same challenges that couples face today. Both James and Deborah have overcome catastrophic illnesses that threatened their very lives. But, God has a plan for their lives. After visualizing a couples’ ministry for several years, and believing that the vision was God inspired, “When Two Hearts Beat as One” was birthed in their Rialto, California home. 

On Saturday, February 15, 2014, James and Deborah invited married and engaged couples to the first mini day retreat. They envisioned an intimate and relaxed atmosphere in which couples rekindle love and romance; socialize and connect with other couples committed to a lifetime journey of togetherness, with God and each other. The most important message of this ministry is that biblical wisdom, commitment, practical strategies for better communication and intimacy are the key to strong and lasting marriages. 

In July of 2014, the second and then a third in 2015 and continues today. In September 2016 God opened the door for the first “When Two Hearts Beat as One Work Shop” as part of the “Soncation Retreat” at the Embassy Suites La Quinta, California. James and Deborah will continue to share that God will bless those who put forth the effort to live and love His way. 

To Bishop Hershel and Dr. B. J. Strother, of Maranatha Heavenly Ways Ministry, James and Deborah appreciate your encouragement, your mentorship, your friendship and your participation in the life of this ministry. Our prayers are always with you.