Deborah Coleman

Deborah Richardson heard the call to proclaim Christ at an early age. She is passionate about sharing how she got victory over social stigma of being a teen mother, shame, depression, domestic violence, sickness, and cancers.

Deborah’s family moved from Dallas, Texas to California in 1963. She attended school in Santa Monica and Compton. She is the mother of three sons and one daughter, and in 1981 she became Mrs. Deborah Coleman. In 1982 and 1984, their new born Natosha Danielle and Daniel Lee went home to heaven shortly after birth.

Deborah, against all odds, graduated from The Rock Bible College, holds a BA from Vision International Bible College and Seminary USA, and is pursuing a degree in Philosophy of Religion.

Deborah joined the Rock Church and World Outreach Center in 2003. She serves in the Convalescent and Lifeline ministries and has also served in the Women’s and Discipleship ministry.

Deborah previous served as Director of Children’s Church, Sunday School and a home Bible study teacher before moving to the Inland Empire. At Loveland, she served as Director of Sunday School Training, co-director of Women in Ministry, Director of Women’s Prison Ministry, deaconess, Prayer Room-After Care Counselor, and served in the outreach ministry.

Deborah became an assistant Sunday School teacher at 16 and began witnessing to her friends in her teens; she held Bible study and prayer in with her young children and their friends, and later together with James ministered on skid row, to troubled teens and at California Youth Authorities in Whitter, CA.

After 36 years of marriage, she is still thrilled when spending time with James. She would like to do more traveling. Deborah enjoys seafood, Mexican food, and soul food. St. John 3:13 and Jeremiah 29:11-12 are two of her favorite scriptures.

Phone: 909-875-8577
Rialto, CA 92376