Seeing Each Other as God See Us

When Two Hearts Beat As One

Rediscovering Each Other as God Sees Us

Seeing Each Other as God See Us

In marriage, we can experience some harsh seasons, cloudy days, blinding issues, seemly unrelenting rain of trouble that may affect our level of commitment and challenge our resolve. Although we can become lost, dismayed or discouraged in our stand for God and our commitment to each other, God remains our beacon of light, our anchor in the storm, our tower of strength, our rock of safety, and our foundation against the slippery slope of emotion, regret, anger, and frustration. When we remember who, He is, and how much He loves us, we can see each other through His eyes.

The scriptures are filled with words and phrases that reveal God’s heart toward us His children. In 1st Peter 2, we are told that we are chosen by God and called precious, In Jude 1, we are called sanctified and preserved in Jesus Christ. In Hebrews 12:2, we are called “the Joy that was set before Him”, In Colossians 3:12; we are called “the elect of God, Holy and Beloved”, and In John 15:9; “Jesus said; “As the father have loved me so I have loved you, continue in my love”. This is how He thinks of us. God views the marriage relationship as His relationship to the church. He loves the church, He forgives the church, He honors the church. Let us do likewise.

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