News flash! What attracts men to women is the fact that they are different. This difference is recognized and celebrated in song and film. Why then do we expect that men and women will think, react, and understand the same. Look at some synonyms of perceptions: Recognition, awareness, consciousness, appreciation, realization, knowledge, grasp, understanding, comprehension, apprehension. Our perceptions of life and each other are a result of our family upbringing; our experiences in life, good or bad, our own concepts of who we are as a person; our limitation and strengths, and our accomplishments or lack thereof. With so many variables, how in the world can two people from two different life experiences have the same goals, dreams, and understandings? Good question. A better question though, is why can’t we realize that each person’s perception is right in his or her own eyes, and based on that revelation, work toward finding areas of common ground (there are always some if you are willing to search them out)? Common ground can be considered, a seed, that can germinate into a full fledge tree of understanding and agreement.

Click on the video link below that will provide some additional insight: Link to the “tale of two brains” video:

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