The Root Issue

“When Two Hearts Beat As One”

“Getting Closer to God and Each Other”


“The Root Issue: The Person in the Mirror”

Marriage is hard work. Yes, we said it is “hard” work. After the courtship, romance, ceremony, and the honeymoon season is past, we all come down from cloud nine and begin to really know and understand one another. This gift call love matures over time, into a trusting and nurturing relationship. For the marriage to survive and prosper, there must be an unwavering intent called, a “lifetime” commitment. Now let us get something straight; we need to take a closer look at who we really are. Yes, that person looking back at you in the mirror may be attractive, handsome, have a wonderful personality; you may have been admired by others all your life. You, may be accomplished, professional, wise, popular, successful, financially stable, and believe that you are a good catch for the right person; but may we say this, there is much work to do to insure a happy, fulfilling marriage and it begins with self.



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